From ambling to rambling or strolling to striding, we go to considerable lengths to cater for all walking tastes and abilities — and then add a few extras. While walking is at the heart of our vacations, there is no pressure to walk all the time on any of our trips. The Wayfarers’ back-up van is available along with a range of options including shopping, swimming or maybe a massage — ideal for someone who might like to break up the walking itinerary or bring a friend or partner who is less interested in walking.

Walk Ratings

Our Walk Rating system rates our trips in relation to eachother on a one-five whole number rating, allowing you to select the walk that best suits. Over the years we have found that regardless of all descriptions and facts we provide, Walk Rating is ultimately individual and subjective. We encourage you to contact us with any questions!

Each rating is based on a combination of type of terrain, distance, time & elevation gain. Guests can also choose to walk either in the morning or the afternoon or both. The support vehicle is close-by if you prefer to walk less or take a break.

  • Easy

    Morning/Afternoon: 3-4m, 2-2½hrs

    Daily: 6-8m, 4-5hrs
    Mainly flat, several hills, easy incline, good footing

  • Easy/Moderate

    Morning/Afternoon: 4-5m, 2½-3hrs

    Daily: 8-10m, 5-6hrs
    Day provide a combination of easy and moderate terrains

  • Moderate

    Morning/Afternoon: 4-5m, 2½-3hrs

    Daily: 8-12m, 5-6hrs
    Moderate hills each day, variety of surfaces, no long difficult descents

  • Moderate/Energetic

    Morning/Afternoon: 4-8m, 3-3½hrs

    Daily: 8-16m, 5-6hrs
    Days provide a combination of Moderate and Energetic Terrains

  • Energetic

    Morning/Afternoon: 5-8m, 3-3½hrs

    Daily: 10-16m, 6-7hrs
    Higher frequency of hills or steps each day, generally longer ascents and descents