For 2017 we offer two new Walks. These are The Algarve in Portugal and the 'Via del Sale' or Salt Road from Piedmont to the sea in Italy.

In the Algarve we hike wild-brushed paths along the edge of the Atlantic in Europe's most south-western point.

For the Via del Sale, we follow the ancient route of salt merchants from the days when salt was more precious than gold.

The Algarve
Walking the coastal ways of Cape St Vincent and the mountain tracks near Monchique.
6 nights
$4,495.00 per person, double occupancy
Via del Sale
Follow the ancient Salt Road from the great winemaking areas of Barolo and Barbaresco to the sparkling coast of the Italian Riviera with this Wayfarers walking tour.
6 nights
$4,495.00 Per person, Double occupancy