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For over 35 years the Wayfarers have been hosting exclusive walking holidays for adventurous travelers to all corners of the world. We started in England, and we’re still #1 for our incomparable itineraries in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. But now the world has gotten smaller, and we’ve found a way to bring our own special touch, our Wayfarers’ Touch, to destinations throughout Europe, and even in the US and other interesting places where the walking is best. Part of what makes a Wayfarers Walk so special is our secret recipe for planning great walks that showcase the history, natural wonders, and the people we meet along the way. We’re lifelong learners who love to walk! Our guides are locals; most are our long-time friends who enjoy walking and sharing their region as much as we enjoy visiting. As soon as you meet your Walk Leader and Manager, rest assured, they take care of everything until it’s time to say farewell. And they take particular pleasure in planning special surprises, like inviting friends who are local experts or artists, to join our group for a walk, a chat, or even a night of music. We invite you to have a look at the Walks we’re leading in 2019, and please don’t be shy to contact us with any question or for help of any kind. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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European Walking Vacations with The Wayfarers, offering a wonderful chance to escape to the vast landscapes of Europe with professional walking guides


Waling Vacations in the Americas with The Wayfarers, offering professional guided hiking vacations in Alaska, New Mexico, Utah and the Pacific Northwest

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Asia and The Pacific Walking Vacations from The Wayfarers, fantastic guided tours in the far flung corners of the world including Rajasthan and New Zealand

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New Walks for our Walking Vacations with The Wayfarers, our newest range of destinations and professional tours, ideal for new and experienced travellers

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Private and Custom Walks with The Wayfarers Walking Vacations, discover how you can create your very own walk, taking you exactly where you want to go

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Walks on the Map with The Wayfarers Walking Vacations, offering a range of destinations where we offer professional guided tours, discovering new landscapes