ta logoWould you like to try another type of adventure vacation? We are delighted to recommend the member companies of Trusted Adventures - an alliance of seven independently owned tour operators all with 20 or more years in the business who share our values of responsible tourism.

All distinguished industry pioneers, the members of the Trusted Adventures Alliance are dedicated to the highest standards in small group adventure travel. Learn more about all the activities and destinations available on www.trustedadventures.com.

Including The Wayfarers, the following independent companies form the Trusted Adventures Alliance:

Un-Cruise Adventures (formerly American Safari Cruises & InnerSea Discoveries)

American Safari Cruises LogoSpecializing in elegant, active cruises aboard three mega-yachts - the 36-guest, 145-foot flagship Safari Explorer; the 22-guest, 120-foot Safari Quest and the 12-guest, 105-foot Safari Spirit. Un-Cruise also provides adventure enthusiasts an opportunity to indulge their adventurous side during activity-rich small ship journeys onboard the 49-guest Wilderness Discoverer and 49-guest Wilderness Adventurer.

Ciclismo Classico

Ciclismo Classico LogoCiclismo Classico proudly leads the industry with the most authentic and professionally run tours in adventure travel. Our mission is to offer the most diverse selection of high-quality, educational and dreamy itineraries that celebrate a region's landscape, art, language, music, folklore, and cuisine.

Wildland Adventures

Wildland Adventures LogoAuthentic worldwide explorations for active and inqusitive travelers. Wildland Adventures specializes in custom adventure travel to destinations spanning the globe. From unforgettable honeymoon trips to multigenerational travel, Wildlands will help you create the vacation of your dreams with a focus on cultural respect and discovery. On a Wildland Adventure expect sincerity, authenticity and genuine connections with people and places.

Western River Expeditions

Colorado River Rafting TripsBest Rafting Vacations in the West Since 1961 Have you ever dreamed of conquering the Colorado? Or rafting the rapids through the heart of the Grand Canyon? Western River Epeditions offers exciting white water raft trips throughout Utah, Nevada and Idaho, and multisport adventures in Moab, Utah. Their website is worth a visit for the sheer fun of watching the videos from their trips, even if you aren't sure about taking the plunge!

ROW Adventures

ROW Adventures LogoSharing Nature - Enriching Lives
Begun as an Idaho white-water rafting company in 1979, ROW now guides trips all over the world. From fly-fishing in Idaho to exploring the Galapagos, trekking in Algeria to yachting in Croatia - every ROW Adventure delivers the same high standards of care and attention to detail. ROW's own resort - River Dance Lodge - offers the perfect Idaho base for rafting, trekking or moutain biking and is an ideal venue for events such as landmark birthday parties and family reunions.

Myths and Mountains

Myths and Mountains LogoLuxury Travel with A Casual Elegance
Travel with the experts in cultural immersion to Asia, Southeast Asia and South America. Enriching and uplifting, a Myths and Mountains vacation puts travelers in touch with the soul of each destination through meaningful encounters with the people who live there. 'Giving back' is second nature for Myths and Mountains - whose President, Toni Neubauer, started its own non-profit organization - Rural Education and Development - www.readglobal.org . Since its conception in 1991, READ Global has established nearly 50 library/community centers in villages in Nepal and India.

Great Alaska

Great Alaska LogoInternational Adventure Vacations - Wildlife Viewing, Sport Fishing, Fishing & Wildlife
Watch bear in the wild, swim with whale sharks, go sea kayaking in the midnight sun, pit your will against the biggest Sport fish on the planet or just relax; the spirit of Great Alaska flourishes in three different adventure lodges. Live out your adventure of a lifetime at Great Alaska's Adventure Lodge in the Kenai peninsula, the Holbock fly-fishing lodge in Mexio's Yucatan or, the Jungle Tarpon Lodge in Costa Rica.