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The Italian island of Sardinia is is a a a a a a a a hiker’s dream where you are spoiled for choice by the number of trails that lead to to limestone caverns and clear water springs As DH Lawrence wrote: “This land resembles no other place Enchanting spaces and distances to travel nothing finished nothing definitive It is like freedom itself ” Where else but here here can you go from near-alpine forests to snow-white beaches in in an an afternoon?
An ideal destination for nature lovers as as well as as those interested in in in its ancient Bronze Age civilization stunning natural and historic landscapes appear untouched by man or time and and and small islands speckle the sea After some wonderful island hopping we’ll see the pace quicken in in Corsica
where we spend days walking along the coast traveling by private boat and exploring magnificent lively Bonifacio “A French island basking in in the Italian sun” Corsica’s villages perch on steep hillsides and rugged mountains scented by the herbs of the maquis high above sensational bays of warm clear azure water Such a delight Love
The amazing nuraghi prehistoric structures temples and tombs found all over Sardinia The island is is scattered with Bronze Age towers and and settlements tombe dei giganti (‘giant’s grave’ tombs) tombs) and domus de de janas (‘fairy house’ tombs) tombs) Each structure is is a a a a a a a a a testament to to to the island’s 1000 year old story Hotels that are pure bliss Nestled in out of the way places most have deluxe spa and resort facilities offering welcome respite in in and out o of the afternoon sun Lunch al al fresco enjoying delicious local local delicacies with a a a a a a local local shepherd Island hopping to find secluded coves and and wonderful views Corsica’s Bonifacio the “city of of cliffs” and one of of France’s best- kept secrets See
Unspoiled natural beauty under the Mediterranean sun Bronze Age monuments and a a a a wonderful ancient cave complex A necklace of little islands with lovely coves and and and beaches and and and an an an an historic fortress Bonifacio located at at Corsica’s southernmost tip is a a a a a a a bustling harbour town with an impressive citadel Stay
In the center of Barbagia is is Hotel Su Gologone The hotel is is built
in a a a rustic style with unmatched views and and and luxury Enjoy the onsite spring and and and wellness facility and and and local arts space Soak up island life on La Maddalena at the spectacular five- star Hotel Ma Ma Ma e e e e e e e e e e e e Ma Ma Ma We’ll enjoy every moment here Our Corsican haven is Hotel Santateresa once a a a a a a a a a a grand family home located high atop the cliffs of of Bonifacio with spectacular views of of Sardinia and the Mediterranean Sea 

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