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Every trip features:
• Amazing off the beaten path routes
• Small groups with like-minded travelers
• Exclusive bespoke itineraries
• All-inclusive meals & wine
• Luxury inns & lodging
• Experienced Walk Leaders
   Plan your trip with
The Wayfarers’ Travel Services
Many Wayfarers opt to make their
travel arrangements through
The Wayfarers’ Travel Service, our
independent, full-service travel
agency. We can help book your pre-
and post-trip hotels, train tickets, Call international air and more. (800) 611-4763
  Every Walk a masterpiece
Take a walk away from the crowds and explore the world at your pace. Don’t be surprised if we happen to see a special view at just the right time of day, or we’re invited to a private art exhibition or concert, or even a visit with the Lord of the Manor. These special moments
and more are woven into each trip and help connect us to the lands we visit.
  We’re the Slow Travel Experts
Are you a Wayfarer?
Wayfarers are a casual and adventurous group. More than
a few share a love of the arts, a good book, a favorite poem and of course, the thrill of being outdoors and away from the hurly-burly of everyday life.
Call or email us to ensure we’ve got your current address and email, or to request our 2019 Wayfarers’ Walks brochure.
Contact the Wayfarers Office nearest you:
The Wayfarers - UK & Europe [email protected] +44 (0)1600 3200 06
The Wayfarers - Australia & the Pacific [email protected] +61 (0)433 058 583
The Wayfarers - USA & Canada [email protected] +1 800 249-4620 +1 800 849-5087
or learn more at

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