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> Let’s Plan your Walk
You can turn any of our published itineraries into a private walk; just select the Walk and choose your own dates. We can also customize your Walk. We’ll adjust any itinerary, the level of difficulty, add special interest events, celebrations, you name it. We want to help you make it special, and with our travel experts and in-house travel agency, there isn’t much we can’t do.
 > Add People
We’ll make the planning and payment process as easy as possible. Rely on us to send each traveler their own custom itin- erary and forms. Payment can be made by the trip organizer or invoiced separately. It’s your choice.
  > Get ready to Enjoy!
We’ll make sure all the arrangements are confirmed and made to your liking. If you’ve walked with The Wayfarers before, you know our Walk Leaders and Managers are the best in the busi- ness. You can’t help but enjoy!
Call Judy or Philly to get the ball rolling:
(800) 249-4620 (US & Canada) or +1 (401) 849-5087

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