Why go for a walking holiday in April.

For one reason it's a more pleasant temperature. The summertime can be too hot for some to be outside under the sun for an extended period of time, especially in the Meditteranean countries. April often benefits from a light breeze to keep you cool combined with gentle sunshine. Sometimes a brief shower can produce rainbows and dramatic skylines as the grey clouds mix the sunlight. The Romans called this month Aprilis which may derive from the verb "aperire" meaning “to open”, referring to flowers and fruits opening. A time when many insects are fully awake and enjoying the blossoming of flowers.

The following holidays are our recommendations for April

Western Sicily
Western Sicily Walking Vacations with The Wayfarers, taste Marsala wine, visit the Agrigento temple and picnic on the Ilse of Mozia on our Guided tours
6 nights
Per Person, Double Occupancy
28-Apr-2019 - 04-May-2019